Student Handout #2
Diversity in Product Design


Web accessibility is something that Ian Macrae struggles with every day. As someone with a visual impairment, he uses VoiceOver software. “I use Amazon every day to find Kindle Daily Deals. To do that I have to go through every heading before I reach what I want, then I have to go through each element within that heading to get to the list of books. The whole process of navigating a website is a long and complicated process,” he says.

Discuss with your group

  1. What was the product?

  2. What was good about the product?

  3. What was the problem with the product?

  4. What diverse voices were likely missing from the design team that created this product?

  5. What ethical issues do you think this scenario presents?

Be prepared to summarize for the class the scenario and the answers to the discussion questions.