Utilitarianism and Plagiarism

Two Quesions

  1. Suppose that each group must submit a 6 page paper on the history of Riemann Integration and that each group member will get the same grade regardless of participation. Discuss how to complete the assignment in a way that brings about the most happiness for the most people.

  2. Consider the following solution to completing homework assignments based on the framework that your group was assigned. It could be utilitarianism, virtue ethics, or deontology. Be prepared to present your evaluation of the solution to the class.

    Solution: Suppose you’re taking Calculus II, the add deadline has just passed and you’ve decided to change to a major that doesn’t require Calculus II. However, since it’s too late to add another course and you need the units for financial aid, you decide to finish Calculus II. There is a lot of homework in this class and homework counts for a third of your overall course grade. You have discovered that the solutions to all the homework questions are on Chegg. You pay money for full access to the solutions on Chegg and use it to complete the homework. Because you are so busy with your other courses, most of the time you just copy the solutions straight from Chegg without working out the solutions first.

    a. Is this an ethical approach? According to your assigned framework, why or why not?

    b. An added twist: Does your answer change if the professor says “If the class average for homework scores is too low, I’ll curve the homework grade for everyone”?