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Potential Jobs for Computer and Data Scientists

Here is a list of potential jobs in the computer and data sciences.

Computer Science

Data Science and Statistics

Group work

In the next 10 minutes do the following in your group:


A computer hardware designer could create a new phone that was feature rich but also designed to be obsolete within a year so that the user would need to replace it quickly. This would allow for a significant revenue stream for the company. However, the plethora of features could be too complex for an elderly person to manage, and the planned obsolescence could result in excessive waste.

On the flip-side, the designer could implement a version of the phone where the initial setup included a choice of “essentials only” resulting in a screen that was easy to navigate and included a large, clean, display. There could be a prominent “help” button that connected the user with a predetermined relative or caregiver. The phone could come with an offer of a discount if the buyer’s previous phone was turned in for recycling (materials reuse) or donation to a non-profit.